Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Amatir Song


NeW Life

G    Bm    C
if i see the moonlight

D    D7    G
if i see the stars

G    Bm    Am
every sparks it touch me

C    A    D
deep inside my heart

G    Bm     C
romantic day in night
D    D7    G
make me always remember
G    Bm    Am
can u be in my side
C    A    D
right now i need u

    where i can get this words feeling?
    where i can get this feeling again?
    my past i dont even like to see
    its my new life
    i know this because of u
    i know since u come in my life
    i dont wanna u go away from me
    realy dont want
    'cause u are my new life

and i will do everything
anything to make u always be with me
i dont know how i know
just something tell me
u are my new life for forever

new lirics
by THebz Lullaby (me)
09 January 2012

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